Foreign customers visit the production line in the customer factory. They are very satisfied with the production line of our company. They have already pulled down the orders of two production lines! Thank you for your trust! This line is the automatic can making production line specially designed for food can、chemical barrel with the character of low noise、fast speed and being easy to change the can type.It integrates automatic can standing 、 automatic flanging(servo motor)、automatic lid feeding、automatic bottom sealing、automatic reversing、automatic top lid sealing and is the preferred production of canning factory. Yixin equipment will go all over the world! Yixin Technology Please feel free to contact us! EMAIL: Contact Tel: +86-7928382828/8352066 题标签canmakingmachine 话题标签tincanmakingmachine 话题标签automatictincanmakingmachine 话题标签Semi-automatictincanmakingmachine 话题标签roundtincanmakingmachine 话题标签roundtincanmakingmachine 话题标签smalltincanmakingmachine 话题标签machineformakingtincan 话题标签tinplatetincanmakingmachine 话题标签beertincanmakingmachine 话题标签foodtincanmakingmachine

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